Custom Leather Pants

Customize Your Own Leather Pants

Get a leather pants that is totally unique with your choice of leather, style, color & fit.


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Minimum Quantity

All our orders are made to order and there is no minimum quantity


Design Assistance

Our design consultant guides you through each step from creative process to production

Custom Made For Everyone

All our orders are Made to Order, and you are welcome to customize your order.

Select Any Design


Our custom made leather services enable you to have your leathers look exactly the way you want them. You can choose from a wide range to specifically match your personal needs.

Choose any Color


Our leathers come in a multitude of colors to match your choice, style, bike or race team. We can develop any required color from a range of Pantone shades.

 Standard Size & Made to Measure Size


Standard Sizes from US 32-50 / EU 42-60 and everything in between is made to measure that will have your leathers feel comfortable and wearable all day long.

 Choice of Leather


We can accommodate your choices as all of our production is done in- house. We offer you a choice from Kangaroo, Cowhide, Sheep or Goat Leathers.

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    Custom Leather Pants
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Motorcycle Leather Pants

Generally composed of leather, these pants extend back to centuries of effective usage. Today's leather motorcycle pants serve for protection very well while simultaneously making up for aesthetics, warmth, and comfort.

Men Leather Pants

Our Men’s leather pants are highly comfortable and can be manufactured as per the customer's choice. While suited best to select days and events, they can also be styled to be worn on casual occasions.

Women Leather Pants

Bold, sophisticated, and versatile, what’s there for the lady’s leather pants to not be the absolute wardrobe staple for the 21st century? Dedicated to fashion, Leather Collection presents the season’s best leather pants.

Custom Leather Pants

Following Theresa May's iconic leather pants interview, it seemed as if the bad boys had managed to hit the right mark. This was especially proved correct when the end of the decade flushed away from the tides of all stereotypical trends, but leather pants managed to remain unaffected. At present, they earned front-row praise in the wardrobe of an off-duty model and managed to influence the general public into investing in them. 

Now the back-breaking fatigue of finding a well-fitted pair of pants is known to all. To think of it, if mere cotton pants managed to drive you nuts that bad, what would pants made out of leather, one of the most daunting materials, do? In pursuit of that very train of thought, we have endeavored to achieve a tension-free way of doing fashion. If customizing jackets and coats could become such a commonplace case, why should consumers not have access to the same methods of personalization for their favorite leather pants? That is to say, custom leather pants are just the right thing to end your pants-finding quests. 

With our in-house experts, you will be at liberty to streamline the pants to perfection; technicalities of measurements will foremost be taken under concern. Your desired placement of the pants on the knees, it's positioning on the waist, and what rise you'll find comfortable are examples of queries that will be addressed here. Once that is settled, you will be moving to choose a fabric type that correlates to your preference's pant silhouette, be it skinny, pleated, flared, or straight-cut. 

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